Canadiano Coffee Maker Instructions

First use instructions:

This product is made with FDA approved 100% natural materials and finishes. These natural elements require a bit of care in the beginning and please read the instructions below before using your Canadiano.

*We do not recommend the use of this product to individuals with nut or other specific allergies.
** Do not put the Canadiano in the dishwasher , nor let it sit in water. Don’t let hot water puddle in the bowl.
*** When brewing, Stir regularly in the bowl. Don’t let hot water puddle in the bowl.

Seasoning Steps:
1- Wash your Canadiano with soap and warm water.
2-Rinse it.
3- leave it to air-dry before first use.
4- Season the bowl with a strong coffee using 3-4 table spoons of coffee.
5- Place your Canadiano on-top of a large cup.
6-Pour some boiled water onto the coffee.
7- Let it steep, stir regularly, drip and fill the cup. Then rinse thoroughly.
8- Don’t drink the first coffee, it may have sawdust, natural oils or ship dust.
6- Now you are ready to brew your first cup of Canadiano!

How to brew a cup of Canadiano:

a. Put your Canadiano on top of a coffee cup.
b. Use 2 table spoons of Canadiano Organic Roast.
c. Pour the ground coffee into the bowl to cover the metal filter.
d. Boil a cup of water, pour the water slowly and evenly on the coffee. (Tip: place a spoon on the coffee grinds and pour the hot water onto the spoon for even distribution.)
e. Wait for 2-3 minutes for the coffee to brew and get filtered through.
f. Stir your coffee a couple of times during the process. Pour more hot water if needed.
g. Your cup of Canadiano is ready!

Be experimental and share your discoveries with us!

Note: During the first few times of use you may experience a nutty/woody taste. The wood and natural oils used in this product will absorb the flavor of your coffee and replace the nutty/woody experience with your preferred roasts.
-It is natural for wood to move, develop small cracks and adapt to its environment.
Small cracks will not affect the performance of your Canadiano.

If you had any issues getting your Canadiano started visit out FAQ page. 

You can directly submit your questions through our contact page and we would be happy to get back to you ASAP!

Thank you for brewing a Canadiano!



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