Canadiano is the new way you will be brewing your coffee everyday… It’s your crafted coffee maker, personalized.

Carved out of Cherry, Walnut, Birch and White Oak block of wood, the Canadiano is the Canadian pour-over method of brewing coffee. You place the Canadiano on your cup, add two spoons of coffee and pour hot water into the wooden bowl, stir it a few times and 2-4 minutes later your coffee is ready.
Designed for personal use and crafted for picky coffee drinkers, the wooden piece will remember each cup of coffee you make. Overtime the coffee oils of your specific beans and roast will be absorbed into the wood and be a part of your morning coffee experience. The Canadiano coffee makers are available in Standard (sealed) and Raw. Standard editions are sealed with natural drying oils. The standard editions, similar to a cast iron teapot or a skillet, require seasoning during the first few uses.
Each type of wood is matched with different beans and roasts from around the world. We encourage brewing single origin beans in the Canadianos. The Walnut edition and the White Oak edition is crafted and designed for use with darker roasts and earthier flavors such as beans from South East Asia. Birch and Cherry is designed for beans with slight citrus hints and nutty taste.

The design of the metal filter is to reduce waste and lower our environmental impact by not using paper filters similar to other pour-over techniques. The result is a rich, smooth and silky cup of coffee like nothing you have experienced before.
Make your coffee a re-markable experience every morning, perfect your brew every single time.

All standard editions of Canadiano create a different experience when preparing your coffee. You will develop your personal pouring and stirring techniques to make the perfect cup, every time.

There are also some limited edition Canadianos that are only available for a short period of time, stay in touch with us to know when they come out! Twitter is the best way to keep track of the release dates.

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